Wednesday, 20 June 2012


DUALITY - basegame glasses de-textured and recoloured

Really simple - just the basegame 'nerd' glasses with recolourable arms and faces and the weird texture painted over.
They look really nice with patterns too!
GLASSES SLIDERS USED - I really recommend those to change the shape and size of the glasses!
That's about it - general TOS applies (don't claim as own, modify, and link back to here!)

Friday, 8 June 2012


COCKINESS - a male pose set

Here are five slightly arrogant looking poses thrown together, because I have so many arrogant males!
Only noticeable error for me is sinking into the ground with the fourth pose. Clipping on the hand in the fifth one has been fixed! I spent more time on the faces, admittedly, and they aren’t perfect, but maybe someone can get some use out of them.
I’d imagine you can use them with females however they were made specifically for males n__n